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I want to be a baker. I have dreams of cute, frilly aprons and a delicious smelling kitchen.
It’s far from reality. However, I had my first get-together with the new neighbors this weekend, and I wasn’t showing up with store-bought cupcakes. I first got a taste of cake pops from my lovely friend Kameron. Since she is infinitely more talented than I am, so I should have had a clue how much of a pain these treats are to make.

I planned to make Bakerella‘s Easter pops. I’d show up and impress my new friends with my amazing skills.

People would hoist me up on their shoulders. Numerous social invites would follow. I’d be named Coolest Mom Ever. Because that’s what people do when you are given a delicious treat that looks awesome, right?

They were a hit, and I was asked to join a book club. Success.
I bought the Cake Pops (yes, an ad) book from Bakerella, mostly for the pictures. Holiday pops, pops for different seasons, dull pops, fancy pops. Awesome pops. I went with Easter Eggs.
I followed the basic pop recipe, using French vanilla cake and vanilla frosting.I sanded the cake together to make cake crumbs. Luckily Joe is so awesome that he helped. A lot.

I make doughy cake balls. I got flustered as soon as I read that I needed to form the cake into egg shapes. Round was easier. My first cop out.
Then I melted the candy coating, not realizing that I had no idea how to set my microwave to 50% power. I cooked the coating into a hard shell. Oops. Luckily I had more. My second cop out was the decorating. Sure, in the book they look easy and beautiful. In real life, painting a perfect line with sanding sugar is not so simple. Neither is applying little, tiny sprinkles with a toothpick.
However, here is the end result.

Delicious, and pretty cute. I’m glad I took a picture, because a) no one would believe me that I made them, and b) I will never make them again.