I’m totally not into Vampires.

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I lied. I really am.
In fact, I’m kind of obsessed. First, there was Twilight. I read the series in a weekend. Four books. 2 days. Then when the movie came out, I had it set to download at midnight, and I watched it On Demand while I was waiting. Then I made Joe watch it that night.
I got a sitter to see New Moon early morning on the day it came out, I will buy the New Moon video, and I will be in line to see Eclipse on the day it opens, too.
However, I am not quite sure why I’m fascinated. Hot leading guy? Check. Newly hot other leading guy? Check. That’s about it. Crappy acting, a miserable Bella, and lousy book to screen translation. I think my obsession with Twilight has tinkered out a bit.
Now, let’s talk about True Blood.
There are nine books in this series (Called the ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ books.) I read them in 2 weeks. There have been two seasons of a TV show based on the books. I also watched those in these same two weeks. Real blood is incredible!
So different than Twilight. Do you know what I love about True Blood? It is not meant to be taken seriously. The vampires not only have superpowers (mind-reading, speed, strength, etc.), but they can fly. Their blood heals. There are people who change shape; there are werewolves.
The main character is a non-vamp named Sookie. She can read minds. Everyone in her life gets killed or hunted or hurt. People treat her like shit, and she continually gets the shaft from everyone. She still smiles. She is the Energizer Bunny of waitressing and Southern charm.
The main bloodsucker is not Edward Cullen. Sorry, Bill Compton, Edward has you beat, hands down. Eric Northman, on the other side? Kicks Edward’s ass in the hot-stuff vampire category. Not as much in the show, but in the books. In both series, there is the lovable friend – Jacob Black’s werewolf to Sam Merlotte’s collie.
What Twilight is missing is the hilarity.
If this is science fiction, sign me up. Real blood is so far fetched that I laugh through the whole thing – in a right way. The vampires are ‘out’ to the world. Humans and vamps can ‘date.’ Eric owns a bar called ‘Fangtasia.’ Scores of vampire groupies (Fangbangers – ha!) flock there in hopes of being bitten, which is like a drug. Eric’s right-hand lady wears pastel pantsuits and cool shoes. They drink synthetic blood.
It’s kind of gory. I really didn’t need to see two hearts being ripped out of their owner’s chests. I didn’t need to see said hearts being eaten, either. But, they have sex, they make jokes, they do more than play softball with the family during thunderstorms. That’s enough for me!
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