A Special Day for Us

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Today is our 7th anniversary. Hard to believe how fast it has all gone. I feel like we are still getting to know each other. It somehow always feels new. That’s not to say that we haven’t had our ups and downs. The truth is, our marriage has only made us grow more. Or at least grow up.
And since it has been so fun, the hubs and I have decided it will be fun to keep growing up. together : )

Dear Hubs,
Seven years ago, I was a nervous wreck. I remember waking up thinking, “will I remember my vows today?” I remember still hearing the news coverage continue from what happened that Tuesday. they’re still even searching for survivors. I remember also feeling lucky that we could still get married considering the circumstances of only being five days out from 9/11.

I remember getting my hair done with my bridesmaids and the constant nerves that kept me from eating anything. Everybody was so chipper, and I was like a nervous zombie! I remember running late to the mansion and whining in the car to my mom the whole way that I thought the unity candle might have melted in the hot closet at the mansion. Crazy, I know. I think when you are that worked up, you can get nuts about anything. I remember our best man greeting me when we arrived, telling me you were the first one there. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to hear that indeed, you were there.

I remember scrambling to get in my dress upstairs while the photography crew was pushing to get the lady’s pictures done before the ceremony. My dress wouldn’t clasp in the back…it was strapless. Go figure. I knew I was in for a long night with a dress slipping down.

I still hadn’t seen you yet. Everything was so surreal. I kept thinking, “am I going to faint before I make it through the evening?” Everything from our pictures to walking down the aisle was a blur. I remember the priest and rabbi trying to make some humor to calm us down. The rabbi was telling stories about how we like to eat at Perkins.he was such a dork.

The best thing I remember was after the ceremony when our pictures were done and when they told us to go upstairs for a break, and we were in that room alone and just laughed together saying, OMG, we are married! Those few moments were the most precious.

The rest of the evening was excellent. I will never forget being almost dropped during the Hora and the cake smashing.it was a blast for everyone, and for a few hours, at least, everyone got a chance to forget about the tragedy that consumed their lives all week. I felt good to know that everyone celebrated the beginning of our life together. Now seven years later, we have so much more to celebrate.

I love you, honey!
Happy Anniversary!
And by the way, I just got the roses, and they are beautiful : )